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Wenatchee’s Top Attractions While High

Wenatchee Washington MarijuanaIf you’ve been smoking tough all day and you’re looking for something to do while high, Wenatchee may be an isolated area but the region’s got plenty to offer. Most of Wenatchee’s top attractions are outdoors, so it might be something you aim to do in the summer. Nevertheless if you’re high and want to enjoy yourself, Wenatchee’s got plenty to choose from. Surrounded by mountains, rivers, lakes and wildlife, Wenatchee is one of the most appealing regions of the pacific northwest. If you’re too stoned to function, getting outside can be the perfect remedy.

Riverfront Park

Wenatchee Marijuana - Riverfront ParkYou can’t smoke in public, so hit the Riverfront Park after you light up. It’s a good park for sightseeing, walking or even if you plan to use the boat launch and go tubing. There’s 31 acres to explore, so you’re never going to run out of interesting things to look at. There’s also a mini-railroad special event that you can sign up to that is put on by the park.

Wenatchee National Forest

Wenatchee National Forest CannabisWashington is beautiful as a whole but Wenatchee’s National Forest really showcases the depth of being outdoors in the PNW. If you’re interested in hiking, horseback riding, climbing, long walks and wildlife, this is the place to be. The next time you smoke up, why not go outside and visit somewhere you can really do something? There are trees to climb, trails to explore and rivers to swim in. You can even rent ATV’s and venture into the mountains. Just don’t do that one high or you might not find your way home.

Ohme Gardens

Ohme Gardens - Get High in WenatcheeIf you’d rather chill out and not go on a quest in the mountains, Ohme Gardens is a good place for sitting, walking and sightseeing. The grounds feature cedar and fir trees that are more than 70 years old and it’s truly a photographer’s paradise. Weddings are held here because of the breathtaking views that came naturally with the land. Ohme Gardens landscapers have added a personal touch with walkways, ponds, natural stone paths and more. Ohme Gardens is a peaceful and quiet area with floral displays and excellent scenery. If you plan on going somewhere when you’re high, this place is one to remember. Don’t light up on the grounds but feel free to get as stoned as you want before you visit.

Wenatchee Valley Chamber of Commerce

Wenatchee Valley Chamber of CommerceThe Wenatchee Valley Chamber of Commerce is where all the action’s at during certain times of the year. With hundreds of acres of barren landscape surrounding it, there’s ponds, lakes and nearby mountains. It’s an incredible sight. There’s also buildings, bridges and streets worth exploring close by. The public market is also located here and during the summer, you’ll find hundreds of people on the streets buying the region’s best food, flowers and homemade products. In the winter time, the area is covered with snow and is as empty as can be. It’s great for exploring and seeing what Wenatchee has to offer. You can even sign up for river rafting with an experienced guide if you’re up for the challenge.

Get some coffee and relax at Caffe Mela

Marijuana in WenatcheeCaffe Mela is known as being one of Wenatchee’s top coffee shops. There’s good food and it’s a great environment for relaxing and enjoying some time with friends. If you just smoked a few bowls and you’re ready for something laid back, the caffe is a good place to take a load off. There’s music at times and the latte’s are the best in the area.


If you need a close by Wenatchee marijuana shop, Green Life Cannabis has you covered!


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Retail Marijuana Store in Wenatchee – What Matters to Customers?

Wenatchee Retail Marijuana StoreWhen you’re looking for a retail marijuana store in Wenatchee, what’s the criteria? These are the types of things that we’re curious about. The better we understand consumer demand, the better our services will be.

Green Life Cannabis is our Wenatchee marijuana store and we like to think we offer more than just the best cannabis in the area. Now our bud is top notch with dozens of strains to try, each loaded with differing amounts of THC and CBD. However, there’s more to selling marijuana than the product itself. Our bud tenders are awesome people, the environment and atmosphere in our store is catered to recreational smokers and we hope the experience is worthy of your business. At the end of the day, providing recreational marijuana should be an afterthought. We want everything about what we do to be exceptional.

So what actually is the criteria to a good retail marijuana store in Wenatchee? Well we’ve asked our customers directly and this is what they had to say.

Low prices

A dependable low price on a gram or two of weed is a necessity. Consumers are tired of the slow start in Washington. They see the success of Colorado’s marijuana market and they want comparable prices. While the industry in Wenatchee and the pacific northwest isn’t quite there yet, we do everything we can to hit those rock bottom prices that our customers want. Right now, growers are hard to find and licensing requirements have made it tough for producers to comply with the law. Retail marijuana stores in Wenatchee have regulations to abide by and getting connected with the right grower is only half the battle. Over regulation and high taxes don’t help the cause. The need for low prices is the strongest criteria for buyers. By working with local growers with top notch strains, Wenatchee marijuana is more affordable than ever.

Bud selection

Wenatchee Bud SelectionHaving a quality selection of marijuana strains is the second biggest concern for buyers. Not all bud is the same and strain variance at our Wenatchee store is of utmost importance. Strains can come from indica, sativa or hybrid plants and each one will have a different cannabinoid profile. Cannabinoids are the chemical compounds that are unique to the marijuana plant. Since different strains have different cannabinoids profiles, each strain provides a unique high. While an indica might provide a calm and relaxing experience, a sativa plant can make you energetic and outgoing. The best part is, the bud in Wenatchee, Washington is extremely diverse. Customers can try a variety of different strains at dependably low prices.

Chill environment

Nobody wants to be pressured into buying weed or deal with overly antsy bud tenders. A chill environment is important to a retail marijuana store. Here in Wenatchee, we try to create a relaxed and fun environment that’s easy to work in. We want our employees to be comfortable and happy so that our customers can have the best experienced possible. You’ll find that our lights are dimmed, our employees are patient and the environment is about as chill as it gets.

Marijuana gear

Wenatchee MarijuanaIf you can’t find or have broken a lighter, grinder, bong, pipe or vaporizer, we know the struggle. You’ll find an assortment of marijuana gear at our store and we know that it’s a benefit to shoppers. Losing a pipe is like parting ways with an old friend. Being lighter-less is one of the most stressful experiences for a regular toker. We hope to put those issues to rest. After talking with our customers, we found that marijuana gear at a recreational cannabis store in Wenatchee is pretty important, so we went to great lengths to make it happen.

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Wenatchee Marijuana – Things you Should Know About Pot

Wenatchee MarijuanaMarijuana is popular worldwide but when it comes to Wenatchee and the entire state of Washington, people are passionate about their pot here.

We’re a Wenatchee marijuana store but we like to believe we’re more than that. We like to believe we help people make their lives better. Marijuana’s not just about the act of getting high, although that’s nice too. Sometimes you have to know why you’re using pot and what contribution it’s bringing to you’re life. Marijuana isn’t a bad thing and the entire United States is beginning to realize that. As a retail marijuana store in Wenatchee Washington, it’s our job to provide a quality product but also educate our customers on what pot is, what it’s used for and how it can be a positive part of your life.

Wenatchee marijuana is widely available

Marijuana is plenty easy to find. You can get it on the streets, you can buy it at our store and you can get it by obtaining a medical marijuana card. Even better, Washington is home to some of the best growers that utilize hydroponic systems and all sorts of other innovative growing technology. In other words, Washington’s bud is extra special. It’s soft, it’s caked in THC and it’s grown to perfection. If you’re thinking that Wenatchee is an isolated location and you’re not going to find good weed, think again. As a recreational store, we know the quality of our product.

Marijuana makes people happy

Marijuana Makes you HappyMost marijuana opponents attack the laziness and impairment that cannabis can cause. What they are really trying to attack is the fact that marijuana makes people happy as hell but they would’t have much ground if they took that approach. Weed’s not something that makes people aggressive or violent, nor does it turn people into criminals. In fact, most studies show that marijuana use lowers aggression and makes an individual less likely to commit crime. So what’s all the fuss about? Well, it’s actually starting to disappear. The pro marijuana movement has had a huge impact on the country and similar to Washington state, marijuana reform is happening everywhere.

Prohibition doesn’t work and marijuana proved it

When people want something, they find a way to get it. One of the strongest “wants” of people in this country is marijuana. When you compare it to other substances, more marijuana is sold than anything else. After decades of fighting marijuana and continuing the “war on drugs,” it was evident that cannabis was still in our public school system, in bars, at events and in American homes. The reason is because prohibition never works. When enough people want something, there is always a way to make it happen and marijuana has remained a significant part of society. Today, law makers are beginning to reform marijuana policy and agree that a regulated, well structured system could be a better solution. Wenatchee marijuana can now be sold at recreational stores and it has had a very positive impact.

Pot is a lucrative industry

Marijuana is LucrativeMarijuana makes money. It makes a lot of it. Pot is one of the more lucrative industries in the United States and it’s just getting started. If there’s one thing you should know about pot, it’s that it’s big business and it’s generating millions of dollars in tax revenue for Washington state. If you’re an entrepreneur, marijuana should be on your playing field. Wenatchee marijuana sales are high and that’s just one city in a heavily populated state, filled with millions of marijuana enthusiasts.

Marijuana can be habit forming… know your limits

Weed does create chemical imbalance in the brain, but it’s not physically addictive for most people. What marijuana can be is, habit forming. This generally happens when you’re in a cycle of using marijuana regularly, you’re not sure why and you don’t have any particular interest in slowing down. When marijuana becomes a routine habit, it can seem like a negative aspect of your life and that’s something that should be avoided. Instead, make cannabis something you genuinely appreciate. Rather than using it to get by, use it to spark creativity and encourage positive behavior. If it has become a habit for you, try cutting back for a week or two and then when you use it again, use it for a particular reason. Clean the house, work on a project, play a sport or do something productive that you think weed could encourage. Marijuana doesn’t have to slow you down, it can build you up. You’ll find that you will begin to appreciate what marijuana is and why the high it provides is so special. Just like anything, moderation is important.

Wenatchee marijuana – strain variance is key

Wenatchee MarijuanaWenatchee’s got the best bud and not just because it’s grown locally and to a high standard. Part of what makes Wenatchee marijuana special is the commitment of local growers to provide strain variance. Our retail marijuana store is supplied with dozens of marijuana strains, all coming from Washington-based growers. These are strains like indicas, sativas and hybrid combinations. It gives consumers a chance to try different products with differing effects. Marijuana has over 80 cannabinoids and the different levels of THC and CBD in strains makes for a different outcome. The high can be different in every strain you try. When you visit Green Life Cannabis in Wenatchee, you’re guaranteed to have an assortment of options.