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Wenatchee’s Top Attractions While High

If you’ve been smoking tough all day and you’re looking for something to do while high, Wenatchee may be an isolated area but the region’s got plenty to offer. Most of Wenatchee’s top attractions are outdoors, so it might be something you aim to do in the summer. Nevertheless if you’re high and want to […]

Retail Marijuana Store in Wenatchee – What Matters to Customers?

When you’re looking for a retail marijuana store in Wenatchee, what’s the criteria? These are the types of things that we’re curious about. The better we understand consumer demand, the better our services will be. Green Life Cannabis is our Wenatchee marijuana store and we like to think we offer more than just the best cannabis […]

Wenatchee Marijuana – Things you Should Know About Pot

Marijuana is popular worldwide but when it comes to Wenatchee and the entire state of Washington, people are passionate about their pot here. We’re a Wenatchee marijuana store but we like to believe we’re more than that. We like to believe we help people make their lives better. Marijuana’s not just about the act of […]

Closest Marijuana Store to Canada in Wenatchee, WA

When traveling from Canada to Washington, Wenatchee is one of the most popular resting areas along the way and many tourists are looking for a local store that specializes in recreational marijuana. Canadians can benefit from Green Life Cannabis, our Wenatchee based recreational marijuana store. Cannabis was legalized in Washington State in 2012 by measure […]

The Gorge Amphitheatre – Recreational Marijuana Store in Washington

The Gorge Amphitheatre is located near George, Washington and Quincy, Washington. It’s one of the most popular locations for live music and events in Washington. It’s home to the state’s famous Paradiso, Watershed and Summer Jam festivals. Nearby in Wenatchee, Washington, you will find Green Life Cannabis, a local recreational marijuana store that’s perfectly located […]

The Differences in Strains at Green Life Cannabis in Wenatchee, WA

Marijuana strains can have significant differences between them and at our Green Life Cannabis Wenatchee, WA location, we strive to educate our customers on these differences. Every strain of marijuana can have differing THC and CBD amounts, the two primary chemicals in marijuana. THC and CBD are cannabinoids, responsible for repressing neurotransmitter release by acting […]

Recreational Marijuana in Wenatchee, WA Spreading Wealth to Other States

This Tuesday, voters in two U.S. states and one district passed measures to legalize recreational marijuana. Many say Washington and Colorado helped pave the way by being the first two states to legalize marijuana at the recreational level. Cannabis stores like Green Life in Wenatchee serve as an example to other states on how marijuana stores should […]