The Differences in Strains at Green Life Cannabis in Wenatchee, WA

4607818422_2a137bb6f6_mMarijuana strains can have significant differences between them and at our Green Life Cannabis Wenatchee, WA location, we strive to educate our customers on these differences. Every strain of marijuana can have differing THC and CBD amounts, the two primary chemicals in marijuana. THC and CBD are cannabinoids, responsible for repressing neurotransmitter release by acting on cannabinoid receptors in cells. You can buy marijuana strains that have differing levels of THC and CBD and based on the amounts, the psychoactive effects of the drug could change.

Cannabis has two basic plant species, cannabis indica and cannabis sativa. There are also hybrids that combine these two plant species’ and can produce sub-species and varieties among strains. This is what makes the characteristics between different strains so noticeable. Marijuana strains will often have different smells, tastes, texture and appeal. Marijuana strains often appear different and have colors like orange, purple, black and white visible on the exterior of the plant.

What’s the indica species like?

5456981805_16d7bd7683_qCannabis indica dominant strains are more likely to be high in CBD. Indica plants are typically short and dense, and often grow wider than sativa plants. Indica plants are generally a dark green color. Indica plants typically provide a heavy body high for the user, which can have a relaxing and laid back effect. An indica’s higher CBD ratio can equal a sleepy type of high, which often means the user will have more difficulty functioning and experience ‘couch locked’ symptoms while using this type of marijuana. The psychoactive effects of indica strains can help for a variety of different medical conditions and many say that indicas are more effective at treating anxiety than sativas. With so much conflicting data, it’s a matter of trail and error to find a marijuana strain that provides the right effects.

What’s the sativa species like?

5501508922_df3d1221b4_qCannabis sativa dominant strains are more likely to be high in THC. Sativa plants are often very tall and thin. The leaves on sativa plants are generally a light green color. Sativa strains are believed to provide more of an active and alert high. Many say that cannabis sativa plants are less likely to induce sleepiness and make the user feel tired. Sativa strains can provide a high that encourages activity and provides energy. Finding pure sativa marijuana strains has proven to be a challenge in Washington. At Green Life Cannabis in Wenatchee, we try to bring the purest and best sativa plants to our menu.

What are hybrids like?

7138291491_448364f35e_qOf course, hybrid strains will combine the features and characteristics of indica and sativa plants. Hybrids can be tall or short, thin or thick. The leaves on hybrid plants can be a wide range of colors. Hybrids generally have the biggest variance in THC and CBD amounts. There will usually be a dominant cannabinoid ratio, making a hybrid plant either mostly sativa or mostly indica. Many people use hybrids to achieve specific effects. For instance, some have experienced a great calming and anti-anxiety effect from strains that are mostly indica or mostly sativa. Everyone is different and these strains have to be tried to know for sure.

There are hundreds of different strains of cannabis and each strain will have differing blends of cannabinoids. There are currently over 80 known cannabinoids in marijuana other than THC and CBD. While these are the two primary cannabinoids and the most likely to provide an effect for the user, the cannabinoid blends in today’s marijuana strains go well beyond THC and CBD.

Here at Green Life Cannabis in Wenatchee, WA, we provide a lengthy menu that encompasses over 20 different marijuana strains. With popular choices like Copper Kush, Ultimate Purple, Opal OG Kush, Black 84, THC Bomb, The Fudd, White LSD and Purple Kush, there are plenty of options for everyone. We even have a variety of edibles including cookies, peanut butter cups and brownies each ranging from 10mg to 100mg of marijuana. Our stains differ in THC and CBD amounts and we make sure to provide cannabinoid info for each strain. Be sure to visit Green Life Cannabis in Wenatchee, Washington, we are one of the biggest recreational marijuana stores in the area.