Medical cannabis can be administered

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone over the age of 21 with a valid ID.

1. Driver’s license, instruction permit, or identification card of any state, or province of Canada.
2. United States armed forces identification card issued to active duty, reserve, and retired personnel.
3. Passport
*All forms of identification listed above that are expired are not acceptable

Monday                8am to 8pm
Tuesday                8am to 8pm
Wednesday          8am to 8pm
Thursday              8am to 8pm
Friday                   8am to 8pm
Saturday              8am to 8pm
Sunday                 8am to 8pm

We have multiple suppliers from all over the state. Many specialize in specific strains that way we are able to bring you the best selection at the best prices.

One ounce of useable Marijuana (28 grams)
16 ounces of Marijuana infused product in the solid form
72 ounces of Marijuana infused product in the liquid form.

Mainly effects the mind
Tall and skinny plant structure
Uplifting and/or euphoric feeling

Mainly effects the body
Short and dense plant structure
Heavy feeling and/or “body melt”